I choose my students very carefully. It is not a work for hire, eyes on the clock, good luck with your dreams, and next, type of deal. For me it's about a strong connection, it's about being a match. In the first phase, we talk, then I listen, then I determine if I am the best person to take you where you want to go. If we both determine that we click, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, the journey of finding your voice. 

You are the instrument. You bring all that you are, all that you've experienced, all that you know, and all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations to your voice. My job is to arm you with the tools you'll need, and to provide you with the strongest foundation for your voice to lay on.

I don't believe in imposing a particular technic for a specific style. Wether your interest is broadway, opera, classical, country, gospel, or rhythm and blues, I aim to enhance and strengthen what you already do. When we are done, the genre you choose to explore will not matter, you will be able to sing anything. I can be present in as many facets of your career as you need me to. From all aspects of vocal training, to live performance, studio vocal production, to artist development, I'm your girl! 

The confidence I have gained discovering, learning and perfecting my craft has impacted many areas of my life, and I'd like to do that for you. If you have a strong desire to sing, and if your passion for music is as intense as your zest for life, I can take you over the edge, and there would be no greater satisfaction for me.

Jump! I will catch you.

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A Unique Approach To Coaching