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Katia's musical journey began in her father's arms at a rehearsal space in Pacot, a small town of Port-Au Prince near Turgeau where he practiced with his band regularly. She was just a little over one. It is safe to say that that is when the seed was planted very deeply inside her heart, a seed that would never stop growing, and took her through the most amazing journey she could never have imagined. 

Relocated to Montreal Canada with her family, it is not easy adapting to the strange land, the cold weather, and the new customs. The one thing that made it all better, that made her feel she was never alone, that was her loyal companion, and her refuge, was music. Katia sang every song she could get her ears on, harmonized to every melody she heard, and dreamt of a glorious career as a singer. One morning while doing her chores around the house, melodies revealed themselves to her and started to float in her head, then soon after words came. There at 9 years old, she penned her first song never suspecting hundreds would follow. 

After appearing on Michel Louvain's variety TV Show "De Bonne Humeur", and touring across Québec with her dad, performing countless weddings, singing background vocals in studio and live for local artists, but always while working on her own material, Katia decided to try her hand in the Big Apple her demo safely packed in her luggage accompanied by her then manager Kevin George. It wasn't too long after her arrival in New York city that Katia's demo got the attention of Wyclef Jean, former member of the multi-platinum, multi-grammy winning rap group The Fugees. That connection lead to a sequence of incredible events, experiences and accomplishments. It started with signing her first recording deal with Interscope Records/Booga Basement to an all female singing group managed by Brenda Richie, then co-writing the hit tune "911" performed by Wyclef Jean and Mary J. Blige, which topped the Billboard charts and earned her a grammy nomination. As if those weren't astonishing enough, she went on to sing at Jonh F. Kennedy Jr.'s private memorial in front of prominent figures such as the Kennedy clan of course, but also the Clintons, Mohamed Ali, Diane Sawyer, and Maria Shriver just to name a few. She performed live at The David Letterman Show with non other than her idol Whitney Houston. She sang at the prestigious Carnegnie Hall alongside Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Third World, Marc Anthony, Macy Gray, and Destiny's Child. At New York's Hit Factory Studios, Katia collaborated with many a-list producers and artists, one of them being her all time favorite mega star, Michael Jackson. Katia also performed at Giant Stadium in front of 50 thousand adoring fans, one of the stops from Wyclef's North American Tour where she performed among top charting artists along the way. What a ride! And it was only the beginning.

With Salaam Remi which she met during her time signed to Interscope Records, Katia placed a French jazz tune titled "L'amour Une Aventure" in the major motion picture "Rush Hour 3" for New Line Cinema. This was not her only collaboration with Mr. Remi. Under the pseudonym "Baby Kat", Katia went onto co-write and release a series of Dance Hall hits with Salaam under his label "Boomtunes", starting with "Get It Started". Salaam Remi until very recently was the vice-president of A&R at Sony Music. This multi-Grammy winning producer was previously known for producing music for the likes of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Tony Braxton, Nas, Ne-Yo, Nelly Furtado, Fergie, and The Fugees just to name a few. 

It didn't take too long for Katia to prioritize the production of her own music. In 2013, she finally found a home. With the loyal support and guidance of her new label head Kevin Myers which shared in her vision and tireless pursuit, her dream came true. Katia's debut solo album entitled "I Am Boundless" was released under Heavytone Music Group. "With You", the first single off the album, took Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean by storm with the video still in heavy demand, and on regular rotation to this day. 


Lightning Struck again when Kamaal Fareed also known as "The Abstract", also Known as Qtip, and member of the legendary rap group "A Tribe Called Quest" invited her to be featured on their long awaited come back album "We Got it From Here: Thank You For Your Service". Katia appears as a featuring artist on two titles among mega starts Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar, André 3000, Yebba, Elton John, and many more. You can find her gracing the album on "Lost Somebody" & "The Donald. Working alongside Qtip is an experience she is not soon to forget. She describes him as a generous and down to heart musical genius, and was humbled to have been asked to join in the production of the group's final album.

Now she wants to share and teach everything she's learned for the last 20 years with aspiring artists and performers, and she will of course never stop performing and recording her own music!

My Journey

2017 - RIAA Gold Certification - A Tribe Called QuestFeaturing

2016 - A Tribe Called Quest Album - Featuring

2013 - Release of debut solo album I Am Boundless

2012 - New York Mets First Pitch - Citi Field 

2011 - Launch of single & video With You

2011 - Launch of Single À Mes Pieds

2007 - Rush Hour 3 - L'amour Une Aventure - Movie Soundtrack

2006 - Mary J. Blige - Reflections A Retrospective - Writer 

2006 - Get It Started Single Release - Salaam Remi Collaboration

2004 - Wyclef Jean - Welcome to Haiti Album - Back Vocals

2003 - Eric Andersen - Beat Avenue Album - Back Vocals

2002 - Carnegie Hall  Live Concert - Back Vocals, NY

2002 - Friday After Next - 911 Movie soundtrack - Writer / Back Vocals

2001- Wyclef Jean - VH1 Storyteller Taping - Back Vocals / Featuring

2001 - David Letterman Show - Whitney Houston Back Vocals, NY

2001 - Wyclef Jean - The Ecleftic Album - Writer / Back Vocals

2000 Saluki - For The Moment single - Writer / Back Vocals, Japan

2000 - Wyclef Jean North American Tour - Back Vocals / Featuring

2001 - Billboard Top 10 - 911 - Writer / Back Vocals

2001 - Grammy Nomination - 911 Writer / Back Vocals

1999 - John F. Kennedy Jr. Memorial Service - Back Vocals, NY

Awards & Highlights

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