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Life & Vocal Optimizing Coach

A Unique Approach to Coaching



I choose my students very carefully.  My aim is to share all that I have learned over the span of my career with special talents.  It's quality versus quantity, and quite an exclusive affair.  For me it's about a strong connection, and being a match.  It is certainly not a work for hire, eyes on the clock, good luck with your dreams, and next, type of deal.  In the first phase, we talk, I listen, then I determine if I am the best person to take you where you want to go.  If we both determine that we click, we are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, the journey of finding your voice. 

You are the instrument.  You bring all that you are, all that you've experienced, all that you know, your joy and sorrows, and all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations to your voice.  My job is to arm you with the tools you'll need, and to provide you with the strongest foundation for your voice to lay on. Your life experience plays a big part in how your voice translates, in the emotion it carries, and in your confidence. A blockage in your life can translate as blockage in you voice. That is where the life coaching part comes in. You are the instrument after all, that said, it makes all the sense to me to incorporate that dimension in our sessions. I will not only put primary focus on your voice, I can with your approval and level of comfort, be your sounding boarding and bring a focus on all aspects of who you are in order to bring out the best in you. When you sing, all that are sings. I believe that optimizing your life will unequivocally optimize your vocal performance. If there are chains to be broken, we will break them together and free your voice. Wether to not there are, you will be armed with all that you need to be the best singer you can be! That is my promise.

I do not believe in imposing a particular technic for a specific style. Wether your interest is broadway, opera, classical, pop, rock, country, gospel, or rhythm and blues, I aim to enhance and strengthen what you already do and naturally.  When we are done, the genre you choose to explore will not matter, you will be able to sing anything.  I can be present in as many facets of your career as you need me to.  From vocal training, to live performance, studio vocal production, to artist development, I'm your girl! 

The confidence I have gained discovering, learning and perfecting my craft has impacted many other areas of my life as a whole, and I'd like to do that for you.  I also teach in French! If you have a strong desire to sing, and if your passion for music is as intense as your zest for life, I can take you over the edge, and there would be no greater joy and satisfaction for me. 




Annexie Miyares

" I can't say enough about what Katia has done for my voice and for me as a person. For not only the knowledge, awareness and the tools she left me with, but especially for the confidence I gained which translated in every aspects of my life. For that will never be able to thank her enough, and I am immensely grateful to have had the privilege of having her as a teacher, and a dear friend."

Dan Pallarin

"I have never forgotten our time working together. I think on it all the time, and how much she helped me and cared for me." She's the real thing, I 100% recommend Katia."

David Carlson

"When I started with Katia, I was shy and had no confidence in my vocal abilities. Her patience, knowledge, and dedication completely transformed not only my vocal strength and performance, but my confidence to sing in front of any size crowd." 

Phil Ray

" Katia Is more than just a vocal teacher. She is a mentor. She has this uncanny ability of taking someone under her wing, and molding them into the best version of themselves. Not only does she help you find your own sound signature, by focusing on your strengths, but she also gives you the necessary tools needed to navigate this industry. What I appreciated most about her was that she really took the time to get to know me, get into my mind, and help me develop my own and unique sound. I would recommend Katia to anyone looking to foster their talent, and take their passion to the next level. "

Samuel Dupont

"My experience with Katia was amazing!

I really felt I improved my skills, and with each lesson, I had a better understanding of how to use my instrument. If you are currently seeking a vocal coach, stop looking, Katia Cadet is the person you want."

Arrested Youth


"I began working with Katia two months before I set out on my first national tour. Here’s the kicker — I had never performed live before!


Katia led my transformation process from bedroom singer to live performer. She taught me proper mindset and technique, both of which I lacked strongly.


Katia is a mentor in her truest form. She took great care to first understand me as an individual, before developing me as a performer. 


Simply put, I would not be where I am in my career right now without Katia. She helped me discover the confidence to own my true voice."


I am always looking for that diamond in the rough, that undeniable talent. When I find one, I am compelled to help develop that rare songbird/performer, and accompany he or she on the journey of becoming a well rounded and successful artist. If that is you, I want to know you! I will assist you in every aspect of your career, from helping find your voice and sound, to vocal coaching, recording technique, ear development, live performance technic, songwriting, and even online marketing. I also have all the tools you'll need to create your demo, EP, or even your LP having access to the best songwriters, producers, sound engineers, and recording facilities. If you've got the talent, I've got the tools to help you achieve your wildest dreams!

Book a free consultation with me in the "BOOK ONLINE" section of the menu bar, and let's talk! 


If you already have your team and you only need help with your showcase, vocal coaching, vocal producing at your recoding sessions, writing, co-writing, or background vocals, I'm you're girl as well! 

Looking forward to meeting you, and to discovering your magic! 

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